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modern acoustic roots


My background


I grew up in Washington, DC but spent time in West Virginia and southern Virginia as a child.  I soaked up a lot of folk music, but also an appreciation for Go Go, Soul, Funk, Blues and Rock.  My mother taught me to play, but singing has always seemed like breathing.  I've travelled all over the world, and those experiences have been a soundtrack to songs I'm trying to write. I'd travelled to 40 countries by the time I was 28, so I've played music on the streets of Prague, Athens, and Lisbon. But I've also played big stages in Austria and Japan, and, of course, here in the US.  



Songs reveal truths, but often not directly.  I write to represent the world I'm living in, as I experience it. Names, topics, points of view may be disordered, but often the narratives seek to reveal larger truths.  The lyrics are shaped, discussed, forged and then re-forged, and then somehow made to fit syllables.  I'm trying to make music which tells the truth.

The road


It was an accident of fate that brought me back music ten years ago, and I've been helped by the kindness of many venue owners and friends along the way.  All these years I've been collecting songs  and I will have two new releases scheduled in 2018.  


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